Who am I?

We struggle to find ourselves deep within this thing called 'Identity' and sometimes we can't even find ourselves or know who we really are, what we want or where we would like to be.

It's all one big puzzle that some of us spend our who lives trying to figure out.


‘The Plywood Project’ was initiated by a collegue of mine,
who is the founder of Projects and Space to gather as many people,
artists and novice to participate in a moving installation exhibition.
The aim was promote art in Barbados.

Everyone used 10″x10″ plywood sheets to create a piece based on a theme.
I chose identity and decided it was going to be about typography.
While sketching I had no idea what to really do and
I kept asking myself – well ‘Who am I?’ I then sketched an idea
with the words and decided that was going to be it.

The pieces were installed in numerous places, on fences, in a park,
and on a construction area parallel to the beach.






Decided to vector the design and make prints for T-Shirts



Test Print of the design on a black T-Shirt, love the gold!



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  1. Jay
    February 8, 2013

    I’d love to purchase ‘wh am I?’ design for poster and T shirt as well as web use for a church’s teaching series.


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