Shutter Effect

Digital Steps Towards Photography

Shutter Effect is a thesis I wrote during the last year of my B.F.A degree in Graphic Design.
You will be taken through the history of photography to the understanding of what is photography, understanding the levels and genres, and steps towards becoming a professional photographer.

I interviewed a few local (Barbadian) and international photographers and included works from members from deviantART and a few local Photographers and also my Photographs. I have listed all of them here on my Junoon Desigs Page on Facebook. This is the first book I have ever written and designed.



All other photos were taken by myself – All photo credits are listed





Chapter 1 – History of Digital and Film Photography
Chapter 2 – What is Photography?
Chapter 3 – Photography Levels and Genres
Chapter 4 – Steps Towards Becoming A Professional Photographer


Authors Note .

Photography is a means of taking pictures by using a camera, either digital or film.
The art of photography is much more than just taking a picture or photograph.
To differentiate a photographer from a hobbyist, a photographer must
have an understanding of and an appreciation for the art, be technically efficient,
and he must also know how to conceptualise ideas. Photography is a means of
expressing a tangible thing or idea in an image. The 20th-century digital era
brought many people into photography who would never have used a camera previously.
Photography was an expensive investment, time consuming, and harmful because
of the chemicals used to produce an image. It does not take more than one minute
to produce an image with a camera in this century. An image can be uploaded
to a computer or be printed within seconds after it is taken.

Such advancements have caused many amateur and professional photographers
to gain much more exposure, mostly via the Internet. Any novice who wishes to pursue
photography out of interest can easily teach himself and learn how to become better
because of readily accessible information and affordable technology.
Online art communities aid in the development of photographers, too.
Photographers can market their work, sell their photographs and
seek proposals from possible clients online.

The purpose of this research paper is to understand the stages that a
professional photographer must today pass through before becoming qualified.
How he learns or how he teaches himself may not relate to what is required
of him to be a professional. One may be a professional but not a good photographer
or vice versa. There are elements and factors that aid in the improvement of a
photographer’s status or may lead to the decline in his career.

A number of professional photographers from the ages of 22 to 70 from Barbados
and abroad were interviewed for this paper. Reading material proved to be scarce
but the material from the interviews provided sufficient and beneficial information
due to the many skill levels and experience, which helped in the structuring of this paper.



  1. Rima
    January 1, 2012

    I am wondering if you could provide us an online version of this book or as pdf.. so we can gain tips of your art and learn from.. if possible!!
    Great effort and best wishes on it :)

  2. Kirk Seale
    January 1, 2012

    kinda makes me want to have a hard copy. ^_^. scanning through right now but I like what I’m seeing

  3. Ambarina
    January 6, 2012

    I reallly love this….you should make one on graphic designing :( because i dont have that much of interest in photography mainly because i dont have a camera =( though im gona read online version too 😛 thanks for providing the link..

    • Faheema Patel
      January 6, 2012

      Thank you! I have been thinking of writing on branding etc. I just need to collect my thoughts, and write it. Do you have a specific area where you have an interest in?

  4. Jan
    May 26, 2013

    Well done!…wish I had looked at this before i attempted my book. Every page was impressive!


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