Keep it Simple Stupid

I'm sure you guys have heard this term.

 Less is more

This was something I wanted to try for a while, I started to sketch something up while I was waiting at the printer one day, I later reworked it, tidied up the lines and made it into a vector.

I traced over my pencil drawing after attempting to tidy up the lines using my Staedtler 0.2 pen tip and tracing paper.


Working in Adobe Illustrator to create the outline. I made a live trace from my hand writing and cleaned up the unenevness. 


Very simple design, I didn’t like the flourish because I felt it weighed too much and seemed out of place,
I also wanted to add a bit of dimension to the piece so I decided to play around with colours and strokes.


Here is the final piece, I wanted to leave the emphasis on the word and I made the others very subtle.


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