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We have all at one point in time struggle to find our way, to find who we are and discover ourselves, some of us still struggle with finding who we are. For us, art is a way of getting lost in a little world, it pretty much goes along the lines of this quote I love so much

Art is the only way of running away without leaving home – by Twyla Tharp

The quest for Art is a journey and we cannot get ahead without making the little steps to get there, it’s like soul searching and developing yourself since art is a means of expression, every time you create a piece, your personality, dreams and your thoughts are etched within it. Some of us are just starting out and would love to get their chance of exposure so I’ll try to share with you the little things you can do to get you and your work noticed.



  • Develop yourself
  • Surround Yourself with Like Minded People
  • Network with others – Join art communities
  • Build an online portfolio/website
  • Write Blogs
  • Quality over Quantity – Choosing your best work
  • Appreciate and Believe in Yourself
  • Help Others – Giving back and giving feedback

Develop yourself

Understand what it is that you want to achieve, if you don’t know what that is, just try a variety of different media, but before doing that, study. When I say study I mean to get out there, read books, go back in time, look at the history of how things were done, art genres, art movements, art styles, the first journey in anything is appreciating the value in it. Browse art galleries in your country and online. One can never be short of inspiration, life is full of it. The more inspiration you can take in, the more motivated you become. What is it that you are most fond of, what best reflects you and your style? What medium can you use to express, inspire or impress? Try a variety of different things if you can, you may not be good at drawing but good at photography, or you may be better at painting and abstract but you won’t know if you are good at it unless you give yourself the chance to find out.


Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

If you have friends or family who are into art related things, get closer to them, ask questions, share ideas. Work on collabs and speak about your work. Some people are shy or unsure of their artwork but if you can share your work with friends and family and gain feedback you’ll most likely gain more confidence. Remember that a good support system is the strongest foundation to help keep you going.

Find an artist’s association in your town. That’s very important in my mind. You can discuss art, share tips and that’s what helped me do my first exhibitions. – words by Catherine Galfetti-Guy

Network with Others

A great way to gain feedback is through networking. The digital age has made it convenient for us to gain information, and feedback and it has also made it efficient for us to post an image or video within a couple of seconds. Join art communities if you are not a part of one already such as and and to keep a portfolio. The best way to gain recognition is through socialising, commenting and giving feedback. Commenting on artwork by other artists help you in a way that the more you comment the better you will be at understanding how certain things are done, if you think some things could be done better say it. It helps you to develop your critiquing skills. (Take a look at this article on writing critiques – Critique Tips). You also have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. It also draws the artist in to you, and I am pretty sure they will check your work out. Be polite and genuine in your efforts.


Online Portfolio & Website

Building your own personal portfolio is also a great way to gain exposure. is not only an art community but it is professional website which allows users to create individual projects just as you would if you had a website. The great thing about having your website is you get to tailor it to your style and taste and also add additional info including your own blog where you can share inspiration, make your own tutorials and share your thoughts, there’s that bit of interactivity that allows you to interact personally with viewers coming  to your website, it is also much more professional as you can include a biography, links to your social networks and ways to get in contact with you. You can even use tumblr for free or various free online sites, there are a few wordpress ones which are simple and easy to use.


Write Blogs

I mentioned a little about writing blogs but the one thing that I have found to be inspiring is writing about your thoughts and things you find inspiring. I have recently started blogging about artists I like, and writing tutorials. I always find it interesting to read an artist’s thought process and see the kind of art they like. You don’t only have to blog about inspiring works but you can also post your own work, work in progress or series of work you have done. You may not think your work is ready to be put into an online gallery but you can surely gain feedback from others and learn how to improve as you continue to develop yourself. I enjoy watching the growth of an artist, within a few years or sometimes months you can look back and see how far they have come. A great art site  to see artist’s work in progress is and some artists also show progress work in their galleries.


Quality over Quantity – Choosing your best work

Some people take 30 minutes to 7 hours to create a piece, some take a week and some take months or even years. It does not really matter how long it takes for you to create a piece, (we all work differently), it should be your best, so even if it takes a month, make that the best work you’ll create so that the next piece you make will be even better than your last.

When selecting work for your portfolio, think about your quality; choose the best, if you took many photos, select the best composition and angle, with the best content, don’t post 5 – 6 pieces of the same thing unless it’s of a series or a progressive collection. Viewers will overlook pieces that are redundant and may not give feedback on any of them, instead choose the best from the set and post that one. If you work the best in specific medium, put up the best from that medium. Your art should reflect what it is you want to express and most importantly you and your style.


Appreciate and Believe in Yourself

Becoming a good designer is, in my mind, directly related to one’s curiosity and willingness to work. If you keep asking questions and deliberately practicing your craft, you get better. It’s that simple. So when it feels difficult and you want to scream, grab a pencil and a big blank sheet of paper, and just start drawing. With each iteration you’re closer.


Your ability to create pieces and gain exposure has a lot to do with your association with others and your personality. An artist with a mute and sour personality would not make it very far, you cannot succeed without the help of others. A successful unit cannot stand alone without a good foundation.

When I first began, my art was not very good, I didn’t even know much about art, I was so narrow minded but now that I have been so inspired it is hard to not want to come up with ideas or create something, and when I do it, it’s not with the thought that what will other’s think, it’s about how happy I am with it, and knowing I did my best. You will never be happy if you create art to impress people other than yourself. I know this may sound contradicting but your art has to come from you, and your ideas. Some viewers may or may not like your work. Always think about what it is you want to convey. If it’s personal then you’re just creating art for your sake, if it’s to reach out to people then it’s how you want to make people feel, and if it’s commercial then it is definitely when you try to capture someone’s attention (this case your target is not so much about how you express yourself but how you wish for your viewers to respond, you need a reaction.)

So I may get a few favourites as opposed to some other artists who have a few hundred but if you don’t believe in your art and you aren’t confident in it, it will show. Believe in yourself and keep pushing forward, no one gets anywhere without making an effort and when you do, you will find people will like not only your work by you as an artist.


Help Others – Giving back and giving feedback

One of the things I love to do is to help others, I have always found joy in sharing knowledge or giving advice if I know it can be of benefit to someone else. If you have the knowledge and experience do share it, many people share their knowledge, it is a fact because your parents, your teachers and other artists every day share their knowledge, and knowledge helps us grow, imagine shared knowledge within a community. So guys if you are at a point where you can help someone, do it. Whenever you help someone, that same good deed comes right back to you without you even expecting it.

So remember, interact, network and speak to other artists, go to art shows, write a blog to share your experiences, upload your best works, and share your knowledge and most importantly believe in yourself and never give up, remember the steps towards success is a journey.

I wish you all success in your journeys!


  1. Mike
    January 1, 2012

    Since you don’t have a blog post about the launch of your website (yet), I want to tell you here in your article about feedback that the new site looks awesome! I love the animations, and, of course, the content :)

  2. Avi (Sweet Cavities)
    January 5, 2012

    Such a wonderful post Famz.
    Its a great thing to keep in mind and this post is something I cam back and read and reflect on often!

    This will really help me in my business to have an open mind and a positive approach! <3

    xoxo Avo

    • Faheema Patel
      January 5, 2012

      I am really glad to know it will be encouraging to you! Thank you :)

  3. paula
    January 7, 2012

    such inspiring words because even though i am not an art person but a small business owner these words of encouragement helps to keep me going and looking forward to the future…..keep up the good work.

    • Faheema Patel
      January 7, 2012

      Thank you Paula, I am happy to know this encourages you!

  4. Ambarina
    January 8, 2012

    Thanks a lot for posting this. I like really what you have told here, its actually a nice way to get started….anyone can get inspired just by reading this, you’ve boosted my confidence even more now. Helll now i cant wait to get started all over again, alll i need is time.. and yes once again thanku so much for a wonderful post.


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